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HU-BA model village scheme

It is a village development scheme based on the breeding and keeping of indigenous Hungarian poultry breeds.The special goal of this scheme has been so far the relocation of breeds to their original habitat, i.e. farm and village fowl yards, which would be of principal importance regarding the survival of breeds, the sustainability of local family farms and manufacturing products of special quality.

„Nyúl-unk a munkáért program” reaching out for jobs by rabbit keeping

The Institute for Small Animal Research and Co-ordination Centre for Gene Conservation (KÁTKI) together with Tetrabbit Ltd. launched a rural development scheme in 2012 based on Hungarian rabbit breeds. It aims at establishing small region rabbit breeding centres that get families of the neighbourhood engaged in rabbit meat production in the frame of the Social rabbit breeding - keeping programme.

Farm Pond Scheme

KÁTKI and its partners, the Department of Fish Management of Szent István Uiversity, the Aranyponty Shareholding Company and Iszapfaló Ltd. have agreed in the operation of a national Farm Pond Scheme with the support of the Ministry of Rural Development. This means that small ponds of 50 to 200 m3 will be created in the territory of settlements, private farms or family estates requesting that, which are able to produce 0.5 to 1 kg fish per m3 annually.