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Agricultural traditions of the Carpathian-basin and their still persisting values are of determining importance regarding the long-term sustainability of the region, as well as the potential present and future use of its economic and cultural specialities. This approach is represented by the one-time Institute for Small Animal Research known as KÁTKI in Gödöllő. The institute was established as the legal successor of three institutions, initiated by Ignác Darányi, Minister of Agriculture, between 1897 and 1919.

Having survived a whole century, as from 1st November 2010 KÁTKI was reorganized under the name: Institute for Small Animal Research and Co-ordination Centre for Gene Conservation. In addition to reviving breeding and research tasks, KÁTKI became the national centre for gene conservation of traditional Hungarian farm animal breeds. Thus, it took major part in the breeding, research, educational and rural development programmes aiming the conservation of these breeds. This duty is reflected in the new name of the institution, which, as from May 2013, is: Research Centre for Farm Animal Gene Conservation (HáGK). In addition to closing down a period of time, our website marks also the beginning of a new era in the history of the institution based on strong foundations.

Gödöllő, November 2013