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Institute of Apiculture and Bee Biology

Scope of duties: gene conservation, breeding, production, product qualification, research and development, innovation and education activities related to the Pannonic bee indigenous in Hungary.


- Establishment and maintenance of central breeding (gene bank) and experimental stocks of the Pannonic bee (the only registered bee breed in Hungary indigenous in the Carpathian-basin).

- Research and development as well as innovation activity related to the breed and gene conservation and the gene bank of Pannonic bee, the breeding of bees, bee-pastures and bee-farming.

- Co-ordination of gene conservation and breeding and organization of breed conservation.

- Education and dissemination of information in connection with the breed and gene conservation of and the gene bank and breeding activity for the bee. Running of a demonstration apiary and the Museum of Apiculture and providing technical supervision of the Apicultural Park.

- Development of international connections in apiculture, breeding and gene conservation of bees and research.

- Elaboration of product qualification procedure for honey and other apiarian products, as well as making quality assessment.

- Publication of results in national and international forums, conferences and specialized journals.

Organizational units working in the frame of HáGK-MMI

Research Group for Bee Biology, Bee-pasture and Apiarian Product Assessment

- Apicultural Laboratory

mehek meh_sejten

Bee-farming and Bee-breeding Research Group 

- Bee-breeding Laboratory

- Pannonic bee breeding farm

- Apicultural Park and Museum of Apiculture

meheszeti_muzeum m_muzeum