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Presenting the Grassland Management Book of GreatBustardLIFE Project

On 19 November in National Centre for Biodivertsity and Gene Conservation, Gödöllő nature conservation and press conference was held in order to present the Grassland management handbook produced by GreatBustardLIFE project for the public.

In their greeting speaches all speakers Bertalan Balczó, deputy state secretary of Ministry of Agriculture, Péter Tóth, deputy director general of National Centre for Biodivertsity and Gene Conservation and Gergő Halmos director of BirdLife Hungary (MME) empasized the importance and cross-influence of cooperation of stakeholder sectors, and the common knowledge about nature conservation.

 Natura_1  Natura_2  Natura_3

The handbook is available (in Hungarian) here. (95 Mb, pdf).