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Nature and Environmental Protection Festival

The International Nature and Environment Protection Festival was held in Gödöllő for the seventh time between September 10-12. The theme of this year was “Sensitive Planet”.

With the help of many branches of art - film, photography, fine arts, music - the festival drew the attention of the general public to the protection of our environment and our planet, as well as the importance of personal involvement.

One of the main partners of the festival were the Hungarian National Parks, introducing themselves in the Festival with new venues and programs.

The National Center for Biodiversity and Gene Conservation, which cooperates with the parks in several professional programs and is one of the founders of the Festival, has presented itself next to the national parks. By the active participation of our colleagues, our native crops and farm animals were presented in the form of posters and photographs. Crafts, jigsaw puzzles and educational puzzles were very popular with children and families.

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