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Ildikó Barta

Ms. Ildikó Barta

gene bank stud leader

She has been working for KÁTKI and its legal predecessors since 1991. She has been the gene bank stud leader of the again autonomous KÁTKI since 2010. Her main specialty is the in situ gene bank maintenance of traditional Hungarian poultry breeds, as well as ecologically sound livestock management. Since the establishment of the poultry gene bank she has been a co-worker in the institution’s gene and breed conservation works.  She is also a gene bank breeder in the Society of Hungarian Small Animal Breeders for the Conservation of Genetic Resources founded as the breed society for traditional Hungarian poultry breeds in 1997. 

She was graduated as agricultural engineer in the University of Agricultural Sciences, Kolozsvár, Romania, in 1986. She nationalized her degree in the University of Agricultural Sciences, Gödöllő, Hungary in 1990. In 1998 she obtained a postgraduate diploma in the special field of poultry and small animal breeding at the Department of Livestock Management of the Pannonic University of Agricultural Sciences.



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