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Hungarian Simmental memory game

Hungarian Simmental Memory Game

The electronic version of the Hungarian Simmental memory game on native Hungarian domestic animal breeds has been completed. It can be downloaded for free.

The game, which can also be downloaded to smartphones and tablets helps learn about our domestic animal breeds that are part of our natural and cultural heritage. You can play it alone or with a partner, on easy, medium, advanced or master level. You can also read information on native Hungarian domestic animal breeds and the institution responsible for safeguarding them, the Research Center for Farm Animal Gene Conservation.

The electronic version of the memory game on the bean varieties of the Carpathian basin and another one on Hungarian fruit varieties have also been completed and are available. The original version of the games were creadted by the Ministry of Agriculture in 2013.

You can download the electronic version of the games below:

magyar tarka

Hungarian Simmental memory game

magyar babos

Hungarian bean varieties memory game

magyar gyümölcs

Hungarian fruit varieties memory game