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CRYOBIRDS International Conference - “Development of Avian Reproductive Biotechnologies for the Management of Genetic Diversity”

In 2009 the Research Group for Genetic and Reproduction Biology won the financial support of the NKTH-ANR Hungarian – French R+I collaboration project on genomics and biotechnology. The project acronym: TET_09_FR_ANR_BIO-CryoBird and the title: Development of avian reproductive biotechnologies for the management of genetic diversity

The duration of the project: 2010-2013. During this period two main meetings were organized by the participants, one in Hungary in 2012 about the project advancements, the other, the closing meeting in France, in 2013.

In October in 2012, of the third year of our French-Hungarian bilateral research project we held a progress symposium in KÁTKI in co-operation with the French colleagues. The conference was lead by Judit Barna, the Hungarian scientific supervisor of the project. Attendants were welcome first by István Szalay, director of KÁTKI. Afterwards Ditta Greguss, on behalf of the Ministry of Rural Development, presented governmental efforts targeting the conservation of genetic diversity in Hungary concerning the genetic resources of both plants and animals. She was followed by Elisabeth Blesbois (INRA), French scientific supervisor of the project, who presented the objectives of the application. Researches target development of the in vitro gene conservation of poultry breeds including four topics: development of protocols of traditional slow deep freezing for poorly freezable sperm and cells in early embryonic development stage; development of alternative solutions (vitrification technique for the storage of poultry sperm, blastodermic cells and reproductive organs of one-day age);  searching for genetic and physiological markers for tracing damage occurred during storage of conserved biological materials; development of a national poultry sperm and embryonic cell bank at the end of the project. Afterwards each of the French and Hungarian part-supervisors summarised their scientific results achieved so far in a 10 to 15 minute long presentation.

Following the lectures we provided an opportunity of discussion to analyse the results with the involvement of interested attendants of the symposium. There were altogether 5 French and 7 Hungarian presentations given during the day-long event. Hungarian research units as well as scientists and PhD students of universities interested in the topic had been invited.  Altogether 38 persons have registered at the event. The conference was extremely effective from a professional point of view and great interest was shown towards it by all the attendants. The content of the presentations are available in our website.

Regarding to the project more details can be find on the website:

The photo documentations of these events can be seen below:

In Hungary in 2012

opening_ceremony dr_sz_istvan conferenc_hall Dr. Judit Barna project leader (HU) Dr. Elisabeth Blesbois project leader (FR) Participants of the symposium

In France, in 2013

Project leaders: Dr. Elisabeth Blesbois Dr. Judit Barna Conference room French and Hungarian participants_1 French and Hungarian participants_2 Researchers in the project