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Capon, Kapunka something old… something new…

Ádám Raček and his family got involved in the production of capon at Pányok, with the aim of reintroducing the famous product of Hungarian cuisine into the market.

We stand for their success because capon is a fantastic product that requires a great deal of knowledge, patience, and consistency, both in rearing and then selling.

Few people are aware of the hoods today. The Raček family began researching the survival skills and experiences of capon production, and a few years ago, the veterinarian father and his family began working with capons in a small village in Zemplen.

They have tried several breeds in their program, among which they achieve good results with the indigenous Hungarian breeds – the Speckled Transylvanian naked neck, Partridge Colour Hungarian, and Yellow Hungarian chicken – they were bought from Farm Animal Gene Conservation Institute. (That's why gene conservation is important, because without the work of the Institute for decades, these breeeds would not be available.)

Capon is a product representing quality in the whole production chain. It's high time in the golden age of cooking shows, as gastronomy blooming again, along with some old, forgotten ingredients, for the capon to show up in specialty restaurants, and hopefully soon in our kitchen as well.

In December this year will be the first cuts, capons can be ordered.

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