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7th Vietnamese-Hungarian International Conference

International Conference
Can Tho, Vietnam, August 26-30, 2012

The seventh event in order of the Vietnamese-Hungarian conferences initiated by KÁTKI and the Research Institute of Fishery (HAKI), dating back to some fifteen years ago was held on August 26-30, 2012. This conference was run in an even wider range than ever before and was connected to the series of events of EU-SEA-NET Scientific Year, thus it extended to the European Union and other countries of South-East Asia, as well. The official title of the conference was: 7th Vietnamese-Hungarian International Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (ARD) – “International EU-SEA Scientific Symposium on Agricultural Research for Development (ARD) with special regards to Ecological Farming Systems”, and was held in Can Tho, Vietnam. The conference was announced as an official event of the EU-SEA-NET. Besides KÁTKI ad HAKI the Society of Hungarian Small Animal Breeders for the Conservation of Genetic Resources took part in the organization of the conference, as usual. The proceedings of the conference are available in our website.