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75th National Show and Fair of Agriculture and Food Industry

Show yard of indigenous breeds KincsemPark,
Budapest, 28 September - 2 October, 2011

The setting up of a show yard of indigenous breeds in the 75th National Show and Fair of Agriculture and Food Industry (OMÉK) in 2011 was organized on behalf of MAHIR, an exhibition and event organizer company, by the Institute for Small Animal Research and Co-ordination Centre for Gene Conservation (KÁTKI, Gödöllő) and the Breed Society of Hungarian Grey Cattle in cooperation with many other societies and indigenous breed organizations, as well as private farmers. There were 151 specimens of 12 animal species shown in the show yard that had been naturalized in the Carpathian-basin a long time ago. The wooden pen system built directly for the show yard was set up later in KÁTKI as part of a permanent show yard created to demonstrate indigenous breeds here.

OMÉK/The Fair has left behind the ordinary cliché of a good many general agricultural fairs and shows providing this way an innovative opportunity for the demonstration of indigenous animals. We are glad that OMÉK/the Fair allowed us to follow an entirely different concept of implementation than the usual show of breeding animals in traditional agricultural shows and fairs. We have deviated radically from the general structure of exhibitions. When designing the animal show yard our main objective was to satisfy the curiosity of city dwellers. Therefore, although we took care of mustering up a breeding stock of each breed showing a real and outstanding value, not the technical aspects of evaluation were enhanced, rather a comprehensive introduction of the breed was our main objective.

Our technical programmes, such as the show of the three yoke of oxen from Hortobágy, the yoke of oxen and steers as well as the yoke of buffalo owned by Károly Bogár were presented in front of a full house grandstand each time for the great pleasure of visitors. Furthermore, at the awarding ceremony the audience could witness an event unprecedented for a long time: our breeding bull that can be lead was mustered up when its breeder, the Hortobágy Non-for-profit Ltd of Nature and Gene Conservation took over the Special Award. 

There were handicraft lessons held in the exhibition area demonstrating the traditional ways of use of indigenous breeds. In the frame of these practical lessons curious visitors, mainly children, could make bracelets, small sacks and purses of leather, fleece objects of wool and they got a test to fill in during a skill game. This programme had a great success among visitors.

During almost the entire time of the show herdsmen from Hortobágy tended the animals, working mostly in their specific, traditional clothes, which has further enhanced the heritage character of the site. In addition to all that, many of our breeders sold and have people tasted their products in the pavilions, in the frame of their own enterprise, of course, but this made the repertoire complete, as visitors could not only have a look at, but also taste and buy products made of some indigenous Hungarian animal breeds. 

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