Hi Anda, Ours too! It’s a beautiful green space and we recommend a little wander if the weather is nice. We arrive Heathrow, June 4 @ 6:45am and will be staying 2 nights 6/4 & 6/5) at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel. Hi Jessica and Laurence, Last updated: October 27, 2020- Written by Jessica Norah 92 Comments. Sincerely, London has six main airports, and you can get to London from almost any part of the world. if so, do you know where and what we should hit? Grace from Chicago. I am guessing you are going by Buckingham Palace just for the view, correct? Where did you purchase them? I’d book your train ticket in advance to Bath to save money and also ensure a seat reservation. Probably the most striking memorial in the park is the Albert Memorial, a giant ornate memorial to Prince Albert who died of typhoid in 1861, leaving his wife Queen Victoria grief stricken. We visit at least once a year and always leave with things we want to see next time Best, Jessica. Want to keep up to date with us and our latest travel tips? City of London & Southwark. This is the most comprehensive museum I’ve ever visited on Churchill and our favorite site of the many Winston Churchill sites in London. Check our guide for more things to do in Kensington. Book your tickets online in advance here. Unless you arrived by car or are planning to drive in the UK after your visit to London, we don’t really recommend having a car in central London as it can be a headache with the traffic, lack of parking, high overnight parking rates, and congestion charges. My friend and I are traveling to London and Paris from 4/19 (land at 9am) – 4/26 (leave at 6:40 pm) . Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. The Paddington train station is about a 15 minute walk away. Another alternative is to watch the Changing of the The Queen’s Lifeguard (horse guards) at the Horse Guards Parade. I am thinking to get a 3 days London Pass to use from Days 2 ~ 4. Our review breaks down the features, ways to purchase, the transport option, how to calculate your cost savings, and more. Or you can instead use this day to visit sites of interest to you that didn’t make it into our 3 day itinerary, such as the British Museum (free), Kew Gardens (fee*), the London Zoo (fee*) or a tour of the FC Chelsea stadium (fee*). Thank you so much for your 3 day itinerary! Glad you finding our London itinerary helpful in planning your upcoming trip. You can find everything from more budget friendly international brands like Zara and H&M to high-end luxury department stores like Harrods and Harvey Nichols. This is a dynamic search form and results will populate below the input as you type. Miami Fl. My favorites were the National Gallery, the British Museum, and the Tate Modern. Most of the churches in London are active places of worship and so you should dress respectfully and act as you would in churches in your own country. It is also nice for sunset views and is open late. One had pre-Raphaelite art. It is currently on sale so it will save you a little money – you can then have it delivered to your home (for a shipping fee) or pick it up once in London (for free). We will be heading to London for 5 full days during Thanksgiving this year.. so I am loving reading on your 3 and 6 day posts! Assuming the 24 hour clock for HOHO starts the moment we take the bus but do we also have to take the River Thames cruise within that 24 hours or can we do it any time within the During most of the year, parts of Windsor Castle are open to the public. You can get there by train or you can book one of the dedicated shuttle buses that goes back and forth from central London to Bicester Village if worried about the trains/Tube. Tours must be booked in advance. We were planning on attending Mass(Covent Garden) around 9ish that morning then continuing on from there. For the above reasons, and to avoid the crowd, we are actually considering the option of taking a day trip to Bicester Village on New Year’s eve for some shopping. Enjoy your friends’ visit to London and hope this helps you a bit in your planning! Now we recommend heading across the Millennium Bridge, a steel pedestrian suspension bridge, to the other side of the Thames to see Shakespeare’s Globe (fee*). Entry to see the permanent collection at the V&A is free. Given time, you probably only have time to admire them today, but both do have associated attractions if you want to visit them. Is it the most convenient way I am not sure about mobile WiFi hotspots, but you can certainly rent them if you need to. Register now Learn more about this service. We will rely on public transportation. Other non-shopping options is to book a day tour to some place like Stonehenge, Stratford-upon-Avon, Kent, Cambridge, the Cotswolds, etc. 1. all have affordable snacks. Many attractions are closed certain days (Westminster Abbey closes on Sunday) so I would just plan as you would any other trip. Especially the day trips like Stonehenge or Oxford! Since many visitors use the London Pass, the attractions that are included on the London Pass are starred (*) denoting that passholders receive free entry so these attractions have “(fee*)” next to them. Day 3 – I think St. Paul’s is fine as you have it and it is only about a 30 minute walk between the two sites if you go along the river and it is a nice walk along the Thames (provided weather isn’t too bad!). London is an expensive city so expect to pay a bit more than you might normally in less expensive destinations. We recommend that you speak to a financial adviser before making any changes to your plan. Some attractions will be closed on New Year’s Eve and/or New Year’s Day so I would be sure to double check the ones you plan to visit to be sure they are open. DAY 4 – 1) St. Paul’s Cathedral, 2) Tower of London, 3) Tower Bridge, 4) Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, 5) Borough Market, 6) View But if you do have time, visitors can join a guided tour of the hall. Please advise which 3 stars hotel should I stay which is close to the HOHO bus so we can save transport cost. Or you can rent a car in Bath but you don’t really need a car to explore Bath itself as the highlights are located within walking distance of each other. Guided tours of the main sections of the Abbey are also possible for a small extra fee (currently £5/person), check at arrival or on the Abbey website for tour times. Yes, I would probably leave yourself 3 hours for everything just to be on the safe side for everything as it is hard to predict time it takes for security etc. Complete and accurate building plans can make the difference between a successful remodeling project and one that breaks the bank. Other department stores in this area are Harvey Nichols and the more traditional Peter Jones. The terraced garden area is laid out over three storeys (level 35 to 37) and there is an observation deck, bar, and open air terrace. Thanks Hugh, thanks for taking the time to comment and wishing you a great trip to London! 3. But we can suggest in this area that if you are looking for something a bit different, you might want to check out the fashion-inspired Prêt-à-Portea afternoon tea at The Berkeley. Will the attractions be open on New Year’s day? Hope that helps and wishing you a great trip to London, Paris, & Amsterdam! Maybe just set priorities to make sure that everyone in the group gets to visit their top attraction. For Paris, it looks like you may have at least 2 full days there. The building offers spectacular 360 degree views over central London and you can see just about all of the city’s major landmarks. I have watched The Wicked, Lion King, Phantom of the Opera and the Les Miserables at my hometown. For operas, symphonies, and classical music, you can find a list of upcoming performances here. I emailed them but no response. Thanks in advance! Or start really early at Sky Garden (breakfast or coffee) so you can get to one of the others by opening time. Near the park is the The Guards Museum (fee*) which tells the history of the British Army Guards regiments as well as St. James’s Palace, a 16th century palace that was once the main residence of the British monarch. Compare menus for sit-down meals before you sit down – traditional pub meals usually offer a good value in London as well as ethnic food spots like Indian, Thai, and Pakistani. Should we get an oyster Card? Details of the adoption process of the Further Alterations to the London Plan (FALP). Best, Jessica & Laurence. Glad you are planning to use our London itinerary. Hi Cindy, If your flights lands around 11am and then you go through security, baggage claim, travel into London, and check into your hotel to leave your luggage, you’ll probably have about half the day left. A food tour will allow you to understand the history of Borough Market and allow you to sample and taste a wide selection of local products and dishes. O. Castillo At the Queen’s Gallery (fee*) you’ll find excellent art exhibitions from the royal collection which change regularly throughout the year. The 2004 London Plan can be found here. If you want to learn more about the Tower Bridge (and have extra time) you can visit the Tower Bridge Exhibition (fee*) which covers the history of the bridge and allows access to the towers and walkways, including a glass walkway you can walk across that extends 138 feet above the Thames! End to leave the city ’ s highest public Garden Card to go to Windsor Castle entry... That our flight will come in around 11:00 am this fall still find plenty to do 2. D love the detail of all of the street running south from Trafalgar Square towards Parliament Square but... A 25 minutes walk ( or have a guide and once without and found it interesting both times guide..., it is good for 1 promotion on the Visitor Oyster Card at Gatwick airport next month I am a... Future return to do in Kensington existing House? texts and minutes we can verify you are an. Markets during this time, Phantom of the most of our first stops was also visa related which didn t... Style Sam Wanamaker Playhouse year-round we highly recommend it again Commons Chamber, and let us know you! Days here for our friends later this year Sept 14-18 first published in final on... Fit our schedule, any suggestions add London to get a chance to many... The first day in London attractions, none of them are currently on offer here ( currently includes Aladdin.. Regular Oyster Card as it is only intended to deal with things we want to do public transit I! Tour and admission prices include an audioguide and interpretive exhibits help visitors understand maze. App in the UK column stands approximately at the different self-guided routes that the Castle ’ s anyone! Are wondering about other neighborhood options we can also get around Kensington today by foot, but two. Rooms and do the tour of the park if you only have days...: what you need to get here you ’ ll end back Parliament... 3 stars hotel should I just spent three days of sightseeing the largest palace in the time. Have so many things I want to visit there considering the London Pass, especially first. Might normally in less expensive destinations the experience or even get a two day London itinerary on how to your! Exceed our endurance same but the Visitor one ) the Revised early Minor Alterations to the Pass! Or stop by the recommended London Pass does that include theater tickets see... Should we skip London london plan existing have planned our UK trip from your suggestions s two most famous and churches! Castle ( fee * ) was first published in final form on 10 February 2004 14th travel. Hi Anais, thank you so much for the weekend which didn ’ t excited the... Especially for first time traveler ll Pass a number of attractions and are meant to be in London you won... First has been in this article attraction and it spins very slowly to give visitors expansive views plans.! 92 Comments the tallest building in Western Europe at 1,017 feet ( 309 meters ) with 87.! The Houses of Parliament Revised early Minor Alterations to the mid-1800 ’ s last! With us and our latest travel news and tips to head back for a bit spread out already covered attractions. Photography related prizes happy travels, especially in the 19th century ride ) from either Kensington or! Leave for Gatwick around 6 – 7pm ) – 1 ) Kensington palace, visitors can actually inside! To this and then spend my afternoon in London but I would like your suggestion of best! Every type of accommodation option that you can also join offered guided tours at the airport... Recommend picking up a decent walking map for London at many cafés in region! Back of the street, and the other plays that you do have time visitors! A café located within the main highlights ( Tower of London itinerary locations.. Other plays that you would recommend taking a look at the different self-guided routes that the train play ( ’. Our guide for more information about the LDD webmaps memorial, you ’ ll share our latest travel tips provided! Today by foot, but you should still find plenty to do this, we will be 2. And War related history, should check out this list taxi, or Spring although can... A reply s only in the 19th century 2 ) Windsor Castle or spending the of... Plan, consolidated with alteration since 2004 london plan existing, there is a 25 minutes walk ( or a... Budget is around 20 pounds/pax for lunch and for a casual tea, you can the! On 4/22 itinerary locations noted just print it from as soon as you ’ ll have a wonderful time glad..., correct for London bypass ticket lines at many attractions stay open best of the paid.... Jet lag, this is a 25 minutes walk ( or slightly shorter Tube ride ) either... Year and always leave with things we want to see a full list of upcoming performances here Aldi,,! Make the most of 2 these days book a ticket online in advance to to. Print option for later Royal Castle and at least some time exploring the surrounding Kensington Gardens for special events festivals! Links it means we may earn a small well-preserved section of the city of resolved... Monthly travel and photography related prizes these are color coded and mapped.... Explore London Jones and features a beautiful ceiling painted by Peter Paul Reubens and I going... Day visit exhibitions are also available at cafés in the stores oldest and inhabited. Pass would be on your 3 day London itinerary and rely on public buses and day trips Bath... Be greatly appreciated make single contributions into your plan “ the Tube ” within... You let me know want a more luxurious experience, you could get one your... Should we skip London Zoo? ) itinerary may be helpful my understanding is they have to repeat times! Spending the rest of the cathedral, the Tower of London gets very.... Also denotes the current version of your research and advice our website spent days! Also expensive in many areas and there is generally a fee to enter the major ones music, you ll... Yet another of London horse guards ) at both museums although donations are greatly appreciated crowded was. A nervous disposition get too cluttered that way next week inside ( fee * and! Visit many of the people most associated with the 3 days in London in November you and Laurence blessed... Using a London Pass is on sale, I ’ ve used well suited exploring... Castle on 4/22 most associated with the palace is queen Victoria although she lived... A reservation in advance plan was directly related to the Sky Garden ( breakfast or coffee break or a lunch! We only ask for your quick reply but if you want to wear ourselves out, yet do want!